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Accreditation JCI

Joint Commission International (JCI) – is international organization, which is engaged in the promotion and improvement of service quality and patient safety in healthcare organizations.     JCI Accreditation is the «gold standard» for healthcare facilities aimed at the improvement of medical care quality. In this area JCI is the largest and oldest organization in the world.

The availability of JCI accreditation is also approached as the guarantee of confidence of medical tourists-patients leaving their country in search of high quality medical services.  


Advantages of JCI

JCI is the recognized world-wide leader in the field of quality of Healthcare and patient safety. JCI focuses on Healthcare, quality improvement and patient safety, infection control and preparation for the accreditation of healthcare organizations.   

Presently, JCI accredited more than 300 governmental and private health care organizations in 39 countries of the world. The subject of the accreditation is: hospitals, outpatient organizations, clinical laboratories and rehabilitation centers, medical transport organizations, PHC (Primary health care) as well as the certification by separate types of medical services.

The goal of JCI is the initiation of continuous improvement of work of healthcare organizations in the world due to the coherent international standards and collection, analysis and efficient use of information about the activity of healthcare organization.

JCI and NMH 

In March 2 2012 one of NMH hospitals – National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health - had got the official findings by Joint Commission International about the accreditation on compliance with international standards. This is the first hospital in the Post-Soviet area, which reached such level and was internationally recognized in the field of Healthcare.   

The preparation for international accreditation of National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health started in 2009. There had been done hard work on providing the compliance of level of the staff and hospitals with international standards of healthcare delivery and ensuring the patient safety for 3 years. Annually international experts, jointly with the staff of hospital, assessed the efficiency of hold activities and updated a plan of further improvements at different stages of preparatory works.

In the process of preparation for international accreditation JCI consultants paid the special attention to the hospital’s compliance with 329 world standards, which are assessed by 1200 performance and leadership measurable elements in the field of Healthcare. It is being planned that 5 hospitals of National medical holding will be internationally accredited in the same way in the nearest time.

The availability of this international accreditation in Holding hospitals, undoubtedly, will improve quality of services rendered, and allow the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign citizens to get high quality medical services without leaving country. Such accreditation will also contribute to the entry into international markets and development of medical tourism in Kazakhstan.