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Accreditation of hospitals

Accreditation of hospitals and other medical institutions is one of the most important mechanisms by which the state affects the quality of medical services and procedures for their submission. Accreditation - a "peer review organization that is used in order to accurately assess the level of its operation in relation to established standards and identify ways to continuously improve the quality of services." Thus, accreditation is essential for service quality and patient safety. The hospital, not having the appropriate accreditation, should arouse suspicion, despite the fact that she can have the whole set of licensing documents, ranging from state registration and ending with a license to practice medicine.

growing interest in health care facilities to international accreditation due to high demands of the population to quality health care services, as well as the globalization of medical technologies and the demand for medical services. In most developed countries, citizens are placing demands on the quality of health services and standards of hospitals. The special role of quality assurance have become due to the globalization of medical services. Citizens of many countries started to go abroad to receive medical care there that is adequate to their expectations in terms of quality and price.

accreditation of medical institutions conducted a number of international organizations with headquarters in a particular country. Since its inception, the JSC "National Medical Holding" has put a priority implementation in the clinics Holding uniform standards of quality and safety. There are over two hundred and standards for health care organizations, each of which has several indicators. "Gold standard" for health care organizations seeking to improve the quality of care and the final outcome for patients is akkreditatsiyaMezhdunarodnoy Joint Commission (Joint Commission International, JCI).

Perform standard

JCI - a constant reminder process, training and enforcement of certain requirements. The focus of these standards - the patient. This means proper care, the satisfaction of the patient expectations, minimizing errors in the prevention of emergency situations in hospitals. To minimize risk and ensure the safety of the hospital implemented certain standards of operation and maintenance of the general principles of the Clinic.

Since 2009, JCI is the introduction of standards in the largest clinic of the Holding Company - Center for Motherhood and Childhood. This center is the first in the CIS, which began preparations for international accreditation. JCI experts conducted training workshops, two pre-accreditation recommendations to correct deficiencies. Currently, JCI standards implemented in all other clinics Holding, starting with the introduction of standards, "international goals for patient safety» (international patient safety goals).

Preparation for international accreditation - this is a difficult path, requiring the involvement of all personnel of the clinic, regardless of specialty and position. This path requires a certain amount of financial expenses, restructuring of the clinic. But the crucial - these standards require a change in existing behavior, practices and mentality of the employees, which requires long and painstaking work of training, retraining and adaptation of standards by the organizers.