Mon, 16.07.2018 Time Astana:15:20

School of Nursing

As you know, nursing staff plays important role in delivering quality medical care in treatment and rehabilitation of patients. The introduction of new medical technologies specifies new requirements for the level of training of both physicians and medical technicians.

The existing system of post-graduate training of health care manpower in RK does not fully meet the objectives set to National medical holding concerning the establishment of «Hospital of future», and gives the essential place to the practice of medical technicians training in foreign countries.

The School of continuous professional education of nursing and paramedical staff, based on the work of National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health, was established for the purposes of transformation and improvement of the educational process for nursing staff.

Its main goal is the advancement of professional level of medical nurses of all branch organizations of Holding as well as further development of continuous professional education system of nursing staff in RK.

The educational program of School includes the working peculiarities with oncologic patients,    chemotherapy fundamentals; general nursing technologies with the course of emergency           pre-hospital service; efficient perinatal technologies; early neurology, nursing care fundamentals and the other disciplines. Training is conducted by the physicians and medical nurses with higher education. Upon the course completion the government-approved certificate is given; and it is valid for obtaining category.

The School will allow improving the professional level of nursing staff and, hence, quality of medical care delivered by them to population, as well as motivate to the improvement of their professional knowledge, inclusive at the individual level. Besides that, the establishment of the center will allow to plan the educational programs in accordance with the needs and requests of the staff.