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Corporate Governance

in the JSC "National Medical Holding" was first introduced in the post-corporate governance principles in the hospital management, rights and responsibilities are distributed among various components of the corporate device - a shareholder, the Board of Directors, the Board and management apparatus. Corporate system of hospital management clearly separates the medical, operational and financial activities of the Holding Company. This approach ensures collegiality and transparency in decision making.

proper corporate governance regime that is supported by the Holding, promotes the effective use of clinics Holding their capital, provides the accountability of the management of both the clinic and its shareholders. This approach is in the hospital management helps ensure that clinics Holding acted for the benefit of society, contributes to the support of investors' confidence (both foreign and domestic) to provide opportunities for attracting long-term capital, considered as an alternative to the Holding budget financing.

model building National Medical Holding corporate management in the clinics is based on safeguarding the interests of shareholders in the face, "Nazarbayev University" through the introduction and adaptation of internationally recognized principles of corporate governance are as follows:

· protection of shareholder rights, the use of the corporate governance system as the primary method of pre-settlement and resolution of conflict of interest;

· enforcement of the legislation of the rights of stakeholders and to encourage cooperation among all stakeholders in the development of corporate management of the Holding Company;

· ensuring transparency of the Holding Company and its clinics, the timely and full disclosure on all material matters financial and economic activities;

· ensuring the effective implementation by managers of its functions, the accountability of government itself and the Holding shareholder.

One of the components of the system of corporate governance is HR-management. According to personnel policy, great importance is given to the effective management of personnel and human resource capacity-building, high performance and close-knit team, able to react to changing market demands to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

basic principles of continuous professional development of employees of the Holding Company and its subsidiaries is a continuous and systematic training, innovative nature education programs, a full line of training programs to the strategic plans of the organization, as close refresher skills to the workplace (to minimize the separation of specialists from operating activities), cumulative system of training which requires every employee throughout the year to take part in a certain amount of professional development activities, introduction of a mentoring institute.